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Maurice Robinson Sports

Maurice Robinson Sports

4 York Road,
Kings Heath,
B14 7RZ

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Project: Maurice Robinson Sports Jan-Feb

Invoice Number: 283

Date Issued: 28/09/2012

Project BreakdownTypeRateHoursSubtotal
Platinum Website HostingFixed£120N/A£120.00
Website hosting 1/2/2012 - 1/2/2013 for mauricerobinsonsports.com and email hosting for mauricerobinsontports.co.uk
Website Design Work JanTimed£11.76473£35.29
7th Jan 2012 3 hours
Website Design Work FebTimed£11.76473£35.29
12th Feb 2012 3 Hours
Payment Details

Bank: Lloyds TSB

Sort Code: 30-87-84

Account Number: 44704868

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